Take a quick quiz — what would you choose as the most important element of operating a business (online and offline):

A. Niche selection

B. Offers

C. Sales generation

D. Internet reputation

Would it be hard to believe that internet reputation is the most important? Keep reading to learn why and how to use it to build a personal brand. A brand that makes those others a walk-in-the-park.

internet reputation

Why Internet Reputation Trumps All Else

Niche selection, offers, and sales generation. These are all important and crucial for the business. Yet, what good are they if you’ve ruined your reputation?

Reputation is ruined within minutes due to:

The Internet does not forget. Try selling a product to a now jaded community due to your actions (or that of your employees). No matter how great the offer, site placement, or sales funnel there is — you’ve burned the bridges.

Internet Reputation for Personal Branding Gains

It’s not only the business that will take a public relations hit. It’s your personal brand on-the-line, too.

Your foray into the digital space gives you an opportunity to create real connections. These connections are a driving force for marketing, customer retention, networking, and career opportunities.

Your brand is everything.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to damage. Here are five guidelines to manage your internet reputation to build a personal brand:

  • Cool off – Take a few minutes to cool off after a heated, online discussion. Write the response with purpose and clarity. Clear-headed. Doing so will help avoid hateful remarks logged forever in the archives.
  • Show value(s) – Show value in your work and relationships by underpromising and over-delivering. Create a mantra or company culture and live by it. Breaking those values is a loss in trust — lose trust and you’ve lost the audience.
  • Consistency – Keep active in your social and real-life interactions. Don’t just check in. Communicate, create discussions, and show effort. People gravitate to successful individuals. It isn’t achieved if you’re inconsistent with what you deliver.
  • Authenticity – Back your promises by showing your work. Reveal the true self. Dump the flash-in-the-pan trends and strategies. Go for something substantial that comes from personal experience.
  • Association – The community and network you build matters. Associating with those that have ruined their reputation will rub off to your personal brand. It makes people question if you make good judgments.

Though, what if it’s been damaged? Is it the end?

Your foray into the digital space gives you an opportunity to create real connections Click To Tweet

Rerouting the Personal Brand

It’s possible to fix Internet reputation mistakes. This is helpful if/when you decide to take the business in a new direction.

Your brand should separate from the business.

Begin by improving the issues with the five items covered above. Then:

  • Share the challenges and own the mistakes
  • Go above-and-beyond with delivering on promises
  • Check the media and give rebuttals
  • Readjust and find a new direction
  • Double down on what makes you stand out

Think about the hard work placed into building the business. Now how a personal brand is ruined from simple mistakes.

Get out there, build trust, deliver, and create a wonderful experience. This is what keeps people loving you and all you have to offer.

Don’t be scared. You can do this! I’d love to help you discover and build the personal brand you deserve. Get in touch!